Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I know which training course to take?

Training courses are divided into 3 categories: PhD/Post-doc, administrative assistants and team leaders. The training catalog provides an overview of the training courses offered by Keep Learning, particularly related to EPFL tools (under EPFL Training).

How do I register for a course?

The “View sessions” button allows you to consult the dates scheduled for the desired training course. Once you’ve chosen the date, click on “Register”.

Do I need to obtain validation before registering?

No prior approval is required, but by registering, you elect to inform your line manager of your participation and the dates and times of training courses.

How do I register for a language course?

By completing the language course request form, which can be found on the Tools and resources page.

Where can I find a request form for a custom training session for me?

You can find the external training application form on the Tools and resources page.

Where can I find a request form for a custom training session for my team?

All requests for training for your team must be sent in advance in writing to [email protected].

I can’t find the type of training that I am looking for – what else can I do?

Contact our team via [email protected]

Does EPFL finance external training programs, and if so which rules apply?

Yes, under certain conditions. You will find a link to the external training funding guidelines and the external training funding application form on the Tools and resources page.

How do I know that this is the right training course for me?

The course description identifies the target audience and/or prerequisites.

Someone in my team needs to further develop their skill set. Who can I ask for advice?

Contact our team via [email protected]

How can I unsubscribe from a session?

Learners cannot cancel a registration on the CrossKnowledge platform. They must send an e-mail to [email protected] to notify their wish to cancel. A confirmation of the cancellation will be sent promptly.

Are credits earned from the training courses offered?

Training courses delivered by the Learning & Development (L&D) team do not earn ECTS credits.

Who can benefit from your training courses?

All EPFL employees with permanent or fixed-term contracts can benefit from the courses.

Is there a fee required to take the courses?

The in-house training courses listed in the L&D online catalog are available free of charge to EPFL staff (professors, scientific, technical and administrative staff, and doctoral assistants).

Can I take a training course during my working hours?

If the course takes place during working hours, the employee is released from work. The training day is counted in proportion to the employee’s activity rate: for a 50% employee, for example, 8 hours of training = 4 hours of work.