Course structure

Course structure at the Language Centre is based on different elements, which together form an ensemble:

  • group modules with a teacher
  • Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA)
  • private study

The modules take place in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone participates actively. This both promotes language learning and stimulates enjoyment of self-expression.

The modules focus on communication and developing the know-how that will enable participants to use the language in different contexts for a variety of purposes (speaking, understanding, reading, writing) and the development of skills for independent learning. A wide range of methods and tasks are used, which are up-to-date and interesting: discussions, listening tasks, role-plays, visuals, games, videos, reflection on the learning process, etc.

Due to the pandemic situation, the periods at the Multimedia Centre (EMA) during the Autumn semester will be via videoconferencing. The  “Free-access” EMA sessions can either be done in the Multimedia Centre or online, using the Language Centre’s PlurieL learning platform.

Language learning in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA) forms an integral part of the Integral Skills module from Beginners to B2.

With this language learning style, you can work at your own pace and choose freely – depending on your objectives and personal needs – the aspects of the language that you wish to develop.

The person present in the centre will help you with different aspects of your personal work in the EMA:

  • how the room works
  • finding the appropriate material
  • ways of working
  • language activities

In addition, the virtual workspace (PlurieL), allows you to access online comments concerning the learning journal, in which you record your personal learning progress.

The Multimedia Centre can be accessed in two ways:

  • Via registration: Consult the large number of time-slots available online and, if convenient to your timetable, choose one supervised by a teacher of the language you are studying. If this is not possible, select another language. A teacher will be present and will be able to give you help and advice when needed. Registration will also guarantee you a seat in the EMA.
  • Via free access: You may go whenever convenient within the schedule posted during the semester and stay for as long as you like.

In order to make your language learning as effective as possible and make real progress, you are strongly advised to devote to study on your own; you should spend about one hour per week for an Integrated Skills module, and even more for an Integrated Skills module with an external exam option.