Evaluation and promotion course followed

  • Course evaluation is continuous (made up of various tasks and tests).
  • It deals with various aspects: communication activities (reading, writing, speaking, listening), intercultural communication skill, lifelong learning skills.
  • Various forms of evaluation are used: tasks, tests, texts reflecting on your learning process, self-assessment lists, simulations, etc.

The Language Centre awards ECTS credits, which can be obtained through continuous assessment. (The details are provided for each module separately.)

Recognition of the credits varies considerably. See below or consult your section.

EPFL Bachelor and Master Students

Credits awarded by the Language Centre are not recognised in the EPFL Bachelor and Master curricula. They cannot therefore count towards the final degree but are included on the Diploma Supplement.

EPFL Exchange students (IN) / Master students (IN) / Students from the Swiss-German cantons and Tessin

The French intensive modules carry 3 ECTS credits, take place in August/September and are reserved for EPFL exchange students (IN) / Master students (IN)  / and students from the Swiss-German cantons and Tessin.

For all information concerning recognition of credits, please consult your home university.

EPFL Doctoral students

If all the conditions stipulated on the course description have been fulfilled, credits for the modules below will be validated by the Doctoral School:

On fulfillment of the requirements below, 1 ECTS credit will be awarded for Preparing a 180-second Thesis Presentation in English for Doctoral Students:

  • participation in either the French or English course
  • participation in selection for the final and a minimum grade of 4/6

In order to highlight your plurilingual profile, courses followed at the Language Centre are either:

  • mentioned on the Diploma Supplement (i.e. if ECTS credits have been awarded)
  • appear on the Statement of Results