About us

Learning and Development

Together we create the conditions that allow teams and individuals to grow and develop in a responsible manner

Leadership: Emilio Perez
Head of Learning and Development

The Learning and Development unit is part of the EPFL Human Resources domain.

Learning and Development

Our team ensures the implementation of the entire training and development offer for the Institution’s staff.

We  accompany and advise teams on a daily basis to enable each of their members to update their knowledge and acquire new skills in order to remain at the cutting edge and to develop professionally.

Unit head:
Emilio Perez,
Head of Learning & Development

Talent Management

Our team supports staff members at different stages of their careers and promotes best practices in talent management.  We provide a range of services to enable each employee, from the apprentice to the seasoned professional, to navigate their career path and realize their aspirations.

In particular, we provide vocational training for apprentices, support units in transformation and employees in transition. We provide expertise to support team leaders in adopting best practices, like performance management or team members’ selection and development.

Unit head:
Christina Tsirimokou,
Talent Manager

Instructional design

Our team works together with experts to design, develop and facilitate comprehensive learning journeys, courses, resources and tools. We use current innovative technologies, methodologies and media to create engaging and effective learning experiences adjusted to the culture and needs of our institution.

Unit head:
Beanta Alberink,
Instructional Designer