Mission and objectives

  • To encourage and promote language learning in order to respond to the challenges of international university education, mobility and integration, professional life and lifelong learning
  • To encourage the development of linguistic and intercultural skills and competencies from the point of view of using languages in multiple contexts and for various objectives
  • To develop language and communication competences as transferable skills essential at all levels of training
  • Promote the continuous education of EPFL staff members in this domain
  • Provide the EPFL teaching and administration staff with a consultation and advice service on questions of language and plurilingualism.


High quality modules responding to the demands of their studies, exchanges and / or their present and future work, through:

  • general development of language and communication skills
  • modular courses based on specific needs
  • preparation for various examinations and certificates
  • individual independent learning
  • development of specific communication skills for different disciplines.

Stimulating teaching using both well-tested approaches and the latest methodological innovations, catering for all types of learner, directed towards practical use and adapted to our public.

Transparency and coherence in learning objectives and levels through their relationship with European standards, particularly through the use of the European Language Portfolio (Council of Europe).

The opportunity to develop independent learning skills and intercultural competence.