Cost center selection

Case 1: you belong to only one unit
As you have only one accreditation, you will not see the window of selection of the cost center
Case 2: you belong to several units
As you have several accreditations, the window of selection of the cost center will appear after your login on the multifunction printer


cost center 1

Choose the cost center for which you want to copy or print and confirm by clicking on the “Select” box.

cost center 2

All your transactions will now be billed on the selected cost center.

If you want to print or photocopy documents for another cost center, simply log out and log in again and select the other cost center right after authentication.


  • For users who have only one accreditation, the selection window will not appear because the assignment is done automatically to the unique Cost Center.
  • If you have selected the wrong cost center, there is no possibility of correcting the assignment.