Domain names

DNS management

Management of domain names for EPNET network is entrusted exclusively to the SI-EXINFR.

Each connected device have at least a name and an IP address. It may be useful in some cases, to have other names IP (Alias​​) .Some rules are established for naming.

download the rules for naming

There are some exceptions concerning the rule to get your own domain name describe in the SI directive.

To obtain your own domain name :

1. Check that your case meets the criteria of articles 2 and 3 of SI directive.

2. Send a request to the SI to get your own domain name. This request will mention:

  • motivation of the request (related to the above directive).
  • contact details of the person in charge for this domain.

3. After receiving a positive response of the requests of paragraph 2, make a registration request to a competent authority.

  • the 2 domain names at EPFL are :
  • the technical contact is Nicolas Repond.

4. Then ask the SI-EXINFR to enter the domain (one IP name is included).

Those actions are not free and must be pay to the concerned NIC (or other organisation able to register domains).

For additional informations, please contact Mr. Nicolas Repond (Tél.32254).

The management domain is provided exclusively by the SI.

Furthermore, note that all services (WWW server, email serverl, …) of the domain are under the full responsibility of the person who made ​​the request.