User account and gaspar password

The Gaspar account allows you to manage the user’s EPFL password and strong authentication when required.
The EPFL password is the only password that a person needs for his/her activities at EPFL. It provides access:

  • at the EPFL WIFI
  • to the VPN
  • to all applications that use Tequila, Shibboleth, Active Directory or LDAP as a means of authentication

To benefit from an EPFL password, it is necessary to be accredited in an EPFL unit. This operation is automatic for staff and students, otherwise it is manual. Please contact your unit’s office for more information or your Gaspar administrator if your Gaspar account has not yet been created.

EPFL services will NEVER ask you to send your login information by email. Be attentive to spam and fishing campains.


Our Service Desk helps you with authentication, password, or token issues.

Monday – Friday: 8h – 18h

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mail: [email protected]
phone: 021 / 693 1234

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