Why choose Poseidon ?


Poseidon is an EPFL service designed to support students with their study computers. We also aim to offer quality, durable, and powerful laptops at reduced prices. 

Completely Free Services 

Poseidon is a free service, with its costs fully covered by EPFL. The Poseidon service does not take any margin on sales generated by our resellers. 

Hardware and Software Support 

All students at EPFL/UNIL/HEIG-VD and eligible staff can benefit from a quick 15-minute diagnosis for hardware problems, software support on Windows, Mac, and Linux, borrowing of small equipment, and personalized purchasing advice. You can find the complete list of our services here. 

Moreover, students who have purchased their laptops through Poseidon benefit from extended service. We assist clients in setting up their laptops and track hardware failures with the authorized provider. 

Poseidon Event 

Several of these events have taken place in the past. The aim was to introduce our services, our offers, and to promote the use of laptops in studies. You can find the poster for this year’s event here. 

Professional Computers 

Our computers are designed to meet the needs of students in a rigorous academic environment. Built to be both reliable and long-lasting, they are also supported by strong after-sales service throughout your studies. Some of our models are particularly modular, allowing for upgrades in both RAM and storage capacity. This flexibility is ideal for those with specific requirements or those wishing to extend the lifespan of their device. By choosing our computers, you are making a durable and reliable investment that will support you throughout your academic journey. 

Competitive Prices 

We offer reliable hardware at prices often more competitive than those typically found in retail. By collaborating directly with manufacturers, we manage to secure discounts for students and some additional benefits. 

Offer with Extended Warranties 

Laptops purchased via Poseidon come with on-site warranties, except for Apple models. For Lenovo laptops, a three-year warranty is provided, while HP models come with a four-year warranty. In case of an issue, a technician can come directly to your home, no matter where you are in the world. Accident insurance is also included in the price for Lenovo and HP brands. 

For Apple models, an extended warranty called Apple Care+ is available as an option. This extension comes with additional costs, and there’s a deductible in case of a claim. 

Our Loan During Repair 

If your Poseidon computer encounters a problem and you’re a student at EPFL/UNIL/HEIG-VD, you can simply drop it off at our Helpdesk. We will handle coordination with the authorized repair services. During the repair period, we will provide you with a replacement computer with similar features. 

If you haven’t purchased your computer and you are an EPFL student, you can still borrow a replacement device during the repair, provided you give us proof that the repair is ongoing. 

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