Printers naming convention

Printersn set:

In order to identify clearly the devices, a naming convention has been set. The printer is named as follows:

  • First the room number : without space neither dot (ex: GC C1 94.1 becomes GCC1941)
  • Then the format :  A4, A3, A2, A1, A0,
  • The color (C) or black and white (N)
  • And an order number: if the number ends with a “0”, it’s a MFP Canon (multifunction printer)

For example, the name of a mono-function printer located in room CO4, with an A3 format, and printing in black and white, is: CO4-A3-N1
and a multifunction printer located in room BP1937, with an A3 format, and printing in color, is: BP1937-A3-C10

Printing queues

Single-function printers have a print queue that must be installed on the computer. In our example, it will be the CO4-A3-N1

All multifunction printers (MFPs) have the same print queues (SecurePrint-BW or SecurePrint-Col) that will need to be installed on their computer; release of print jobs can be done on any physical MFP.