Data Recovery

The data recovery service is only available to EPFL members. Proof of the Camipro card will be asked upon your visit. It is offered to EPFL employees. Students must go through Poseidon for this type of service.

All date recovery must go through a standard request:

Link to standard request

If the standard request cannot be created because of :

  • No inventory number
  • Inventory number of a device over 7 years old

You must contact the service desk who will explain to you what is the procedure to follow in this case.

The CRI is able to try to recover lost data on several kinds of drive.

All data support requests will be reviewed by the CRI.

If you have mistakenly deleted a document on your hard drive, you must:

– Stop any activity and shut your machine.

– Bring your computer, or your hard drive to the Service Desk.

– We will try to recover your documents.

However, when we are unable to initiate a repair, we have historically referred our clients to the following external vendors. We are not accountable for the work of any outside vendor. However, we ensure that the repair is done correctly.

Ontrack (Switzerland) GmbH
Swiss Data Recovery Center
Hertistrasse 25
8304 Wallisellen near Zürich
Request a free quotation
24/7 Hotline: 0800 880 100
Email: [email protected]Ontrack is an official Apple-certified data recovery specialist and restores data from all operating systems and all digital media and devices.  Free collection by DHL – Free analysis within 4h

Our local premium partners are located in:
Lausanne – Fribourg – Geneve – NeuchatelBern

Contacter le Help desk au 1234
Conditions of use Business-Plus-Partner

  Tesweb SA, Data Recovery

Data recovery professional services.Their services would be useful to you if you either:

– own a computer with a damaged hard disk

– want to recover data after a hard drive crash, data loss or accidental erasure of files

Our data recovery service is compliant on any devices such as: usb stick, cd, dvd or floppy disk. Our deposit centers are available at: