Manage Gaspar’s account

Each holder of the “Gaspar account administration” right for an EPFL unit can manage the various information of the Gaspar account for persons accredited in that unit:

  • change the password,
  • consult the logs.

change the password

To update the Gaspar password, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

1.go to,

2. authenticate (username and password),

3. To manage another person’s account, click on the “Administration” tab,

4. enter the name or Sciper number of the person,

5. move the cursor to the “Password” tab and click on “change password”

6. enter your own password,

7. enter a new password for the account you are managing

8. confirm this new password

9. validate by clicking on send.

Consult the logs

It is possible to view the actions (date and time, by whom and which transactions) performed for a Gaspar account.

By clicking on the tab “Show Logs”:

the history of the actions performed for the user is displayed: