How to get an edu-ID account?

If you don’t have an edu-ID account yet, go to the edu-ID website and click the “Create an account” button

You then fill in the form to create your account

You will also need to set a password for your edu-ID account. For security reasons, please do not reuse your EPFL password.

After creating your account with your personal email, you will receive a request to confirm your email address,

Then you can connect to your account in order to complete it and especially to link it to EPFL by clicking on the plus + on the Organizational Identity line of the Linked Identities section


A dialog box will then allow you to choose the organization EPFL – EPFL Lausanne

then after clicking on the Continue button, you will be asked to enter your EPFL login and password in the following window

You will still need to accept the transfer of information from EPFL to your edu-ID account using the following two screens


Back on your account, you will now see that your edu-ID is now linked to EPFL, which is absolutely necessary to access some services with an EPFL membership.