How to affiliate an edu-ID account to EPFL?

Affiliation is only possible for owners of an EPFL address

Procedure valid until September 7, 2023

If you already have an edu-ID account but are not yet affiliated to the EPFL, you must first log in to your edu-ID account.

You will find in the last section at the bottom of your account the area of identities related to

If EPFL already appears in the list, then your account is already affiliated with EPFL.

Otherwise, you must click on the “+” in front of adding an organizational identity.

The window that opens allows you to choose the organization EPFL – Lausanne.

You will then be invited to enter your EPFL username and password. The login presented is not the one of Tequila, but the one of the EPFL Shibboleth server (a kind of Tequila, but for the SWITCH Federation).

If successful, your edu-ID account is now affiliated to EPFL and this affiliation appears in the list of linked identities.

Procedure valid from September 7, 2023

If you don’t already have an edu-ID account, start by creating one at

Then go to EPFL to link your EPFL account to edui-ID. Once this operation has been completed, your edu-ID will have an EPFL affiliation that you can use to identify yourself to the various services as an EPFL member.

Click on the left-hand button to start the linking procedure, and on the right-hand button if you don’t yet have an edu-ID account, then return to this page once your account has been created.

Now you’ll need to log in to EPFL on Tequila, using your username and password, to check that you don’t already have a membership with an edu-ID account, as you can’t have more than one.

If all goes well, you can now proceed to the next step and connect to your edu-ID by clicking on “Connect to edu-ID”. You will be redirected to the edu-ID login window,

where you can log in with your edu-ID credentials.

Once the connection has been completed, you will see the above success message, and you can check in your edu-ID account whether the affiliation has been created successfully.

Please contact [email protected] if you encounter any problems during this process.