Masterplans, Demand Management and project Portfolios at VPO

As part of its business planning strategy, the Vice Presidency for Operations (VPO) has put in place the tools for managing the complete lifecycle of the projects for which it is in charge. The three key stages of this cycle are:

  • Requirements gathering: our stakeholders submit their needs to us for evaluation. Prioritization and validation is done jointly with faculties and vice-presidencies.
  • Project management: once project requests have been accepted, projects are created within specific project portfolios.
  • Operations: as soon as the project is completed, the operation teams take over to maintain the service created or transformed by the project over the long term.

Requirements gathering

Multi-year planning of EPFL’s long-term financial and human resources needs. They are reviewed at least once a year and follow the rhythm of budgetary processes. They are elaborated jointly with the School’s stakeholders.

Demand Management
Three times a year, VPO invites its customers to announce their requirements for projects that cannot be planned over the long term.

Project and program implementation

Projects and programs Portfolio
The execution of projects originating from Masterplans and Demand Management is monitored within a dedicated portfolio. A distinction is made between two activities:

  • Specific project and program management
  • Monitoring and control of the entire project and program portfolio

Putting into operation

Once projects have been closed (i.e., what was due to be delivered has been delivered, and there are no more open orders or invoices), operational teams ensure the continuity of what has been produced by the projects. The project no longer exists at this stage.

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The aim of masterplans is to plan everything that is known in advance, over the long term, with a view to anticipating the future and keeping infrastructures and services up to date.

Demand management

Projects following this process are mainly modifications, additions or improvements to existing infrastructures or services.

Portefeuille de projet IT (PPM IS)

Project portfolio and program for digitization and IT infrastructure

VPO Calendar

The VPO calendar details the activities carried out by the VPO in collaboration with the Faculties and Vice-presidencies, as well as the members involved in the different working groups.

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Useful documents

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