Demand Management & Masterplans

The Vice Presidency for Operations (VPO) has put in place two main instruments to support its planning strategy :

Demande de Projets et Masterplan VPO

For the planning of EPFL’s long-term needs, both in terms of financial and human resources. Masterplans are reviewed at least once a year and follow the budget process timeline. They are developed together with the School’s stakeholders.

Demand Management
Three times a year, the VPO invites the Faculties and Vice-presidencies to announce the needs they have identified that cannot be planned on the long term.

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The objective of the Masterplans is to identify all needs that will arise, on a long-term basis, in order to anticipate these and ensure the infrastructure and services are kept up to date. The timeframe is generally of 3 years and more.

Demand Management

Projects following this process are primarily modifications, additions or improvements to existing infrastructure or services, with a timeframe of less than 3 years.

Frequently asked questions

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VPO calendar

The VPO calendar details the activities carried out by the VPO in collaboration with the Faculties and Vice-presidencies, as well as the members involved in the different working groups.