Configurations and Support


Applications Plateforme Protocol VPSI Supported

Microsoft certified


Ewa (Owa), from the last version of Internet Explorer on

Exchange YES YES

Ewa (Owa), others

List of web browsers supported

Exchange YES NO

Application / Configuration Platforme Protocol VPSI Supported

Microsoft Certified


Outlook 2019 /2016 /2013

Exchange YES YES

Outlook 2019 / 2016  for Mac

Outlook for Mac for Office 365

Exchange YES YES

Outlook for Mac 2011 is no longer supported

Please install Outlook 2019

Exchange NO NO

Apple Mail

Exchange YES NO

General settings for accessing your mailbox

Here are the general settings to enter in your messaging application:

  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Ingoing mail server, POP3 or IMAP:
  • Username: the username “Gaspar” that has been given to you
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • LDAP server (directory):, search base:: o=EPFL, c=CH

To remind you of the ports related to mail:

  • POP:  995 + SSL
  • IMAP : 993 + SSL/TLS (Normal password)
  • SMTP : 465 + SSL (authentified)

Learn more about the different mail protocols

Type / Configurations
iPhone / iPad

Smartphones and tablets running Android

Clients supportés par ActiveSync (except Outlook pour Android & iOS)


Here are the general configuration parameters to setup an EPFL email account :

Exchange server :

Secure SSL connection : yes

Username : username

Password : the one of your email

Synchronize email : yes

When the AD domain is required, it is INTRANET for the students and for employees.