Single Number Reach

The “Single Number Reach” (SNR) function allows you to receive at the same time on your EPFL mobile phone number, the calls received on your EPFL landline number

Only the users owning an EPFL mobile phone possess natively the Mobility button on their IP phones.

This button allows you to enable or disable easely the Single Number Reach feature.


1. Press the Mobility button on your IP phone to enable the feature.

2. Select Enable Mobile Connect.

Switch an In-Progress Call from your EPFL Mobile phone to your IP phone:

1. Hang up the call on your mobile phone to disconnect the mobile phone, but not the call

2. Your interlocuter is then put on hold on your IP phone with a background music.

3. Press the flashing red button on your IP phone to resume the call on it

You have about ten seconds to resume the call on the IP phone

Switch an In-Progress Call from your IP phone to your EPFL Mobile phone:

1. During a call on your IP phone, press the Mobility button

2 .Select Send call to Mobile Phone. After a few seconds, your mobile phone will ring and you can resume the call on it

3. Once the call is resumed, you can hang up your IP phone.

1. Go to the UCMuser Web page

2. Enter your GASPAR login credentials

3. Select the “My Phones” section in the left menu

4. Click on the small wheel to edit the options of your mobile phone

5. Click on “Enable Single Number Reach”

6. Select the days and time slots to reach you

a. Name your scheduling

b. Fill in the times during which your mobile phone will ring

c. Click on save to validate your schedule

7. Configure your time delays and ringing settings 

  • This function only works if a call arrives on your EPFL extension
  • Your IP phone and mobile phone receive calls simultaneously.
  • When you answer the call on your desk phone, the EPFL mobile phone stop ringing. It is disconnected, and display a missed call message.
  • When you answer the call on your EPFL mobile phone, the desk phone stop ringing. It is disconnected and a missed call message is shown.
  • When your are in communication, you can switch from one device to another. You are able to switch an in-progress call on your desk phone to your EPFL mobile phone and vice-versa.