Best practices for using Zoom:

  • Access Zoom from the epfl.zoom.us link with authentication via Tequila on the EPFL system.
  • If participants need to join the session by phone, the organizer will ensure that the invitation only reaches authorized persons.
  • Furthermore, in case of discussion of confidential information and if a recording of the session is required, the organizer will ensure that it is recorded locally and not in the cloud (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362473-Local-Recording).
  • As a general rule, it is necessary to ensure that the applications used are at the latest version available. Be sure to install the proposed updates on a regular basis, on all your equipment.
  • In case of recording, participants must be notified in advance.

During Coronavirus crisis:  

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the constraints of social distancing, EPFL has suddenly had to increase the use of tools allowing distance learning and the organization of virtual meetings.

Last April we temporarily increased the retention period for Zoom recordings made in the “cloud” to 160 days to ensure that recorded lessons can be available until the end of the exam period. For this new academic year, CAPE has published its recommendations on the site https://www.epfl.ch/education/teaching/flexible-teaching/

The September 23, Zoom Cloud recordings retention period will be reduced to 30 days. By doing this, all Zoom recordings made in the cloud (this does not affect recordings you made locally) older than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

Zoom is constantly improving security:

Zoom is constantly improving the security of its services and has decided to strengthen and consolidate the use of corporate accounts.

From December 21, some changes will take place for EPFL users:

  • The Passcode will be enabled by default for all Meetings and Webinars.
    Users will be able to deactivate it knowingly.

  • End-to-end (E2E) encryption can be activated
    Meeting E2Es will only work for users who have Zoom Client version 5.4.0 or later.
    With E2E, the the recording, connection via SIP/H323, Lync and telephone will no longer work.

  • Users with an @ epfl.ch email address will be exclusively reserved for the EPFL Zoom account.
    Any user with a private Zoom account (paid or free) with an email (Zoom identifier) ​​belonging to the @ epfl.ch domain, will be invited to change their email address to a private address.

Zoom news, Actu and security (https://actu.epfl.ch/news/zoom-at-epfl-2/).

Zoom brings together videoconferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a teleconference room software solution into one easy-to-use platform.

  • Audio and video communication with or without computer presentation
  • Software client for PC / Mac, Linux, iOs and Android
  • Automatic adaptation of display and bandwidth
  • Integration of meeting room systems ZOOM Room
  • Integration of any third-party video conferencing system
  • Protocols: H323, SIP, Skype for Business, Lync, Teams
  • Up to 300 connected in the virtual meeting room
  • Remote file presentation
  • Audio via computer or phone
  • Real collaborative work on any open file
  • Live annotations on the open file
  • Handshake to request takeover and annotate remotely
  • Central management for the moderator: mute the microphones, disconnect sites, etc.
  • Individual or group text communication
  • History of chats
  • Several simultaneous chats
  • File transfer
  • One-Click Video: Turn your chat into a one-click video call
  • Recurring file library to simplify transfers
  • Record your meetings, videoconferences and webinar either in the ZOOM Cloud or locally on your workstation
  • Broadcast to a large audience either in streaming or in VOD
  • Allows distance training or presentations: product launches, product training, wishes of the president, etc.
  • Management of questions / answers by chat of remote people to the moderator only during the stream
  • Broadcast up to 300 participants via ZOOM
  • Audio, video and computer presentation to a wide audience
  • Downward dissemination of information
  • Management of questions / answers by chat of remote people to the moderator only
  • Online survey solution
  • Broadcast the Webinar up to 500 participants via ZOOM
  • Full Webinar integration into RTMP streaming via Facebook Live or
  • YouTube Live to expand your audience
  • Meetings are designed to be highly collaborative, giving attendees the ability to use audio and video, share their screen, and annotate in a live, interactive environment.
  • Webinars give you more power to manage the audience. Instead of interacting over video and audio, webinar attendees interact with the host and each other via the Q&A and chat panel. 

Meetings can be useful for a hands-on, collaborative classroom environment where students can engage directly with the content being shared and with each other.

Webinars are great for online lectures where students can listen, view content, and submit questions via the Q&A feature.

To help you choose what works best for you, check out this side-by-side feature comparison:





Up to 300 Participants

Up to 500 Participants




Recurring series















Practice Session / Green Room






Breakout Rooms




  • Send a request to [email protected] minimum 10 days before the scheduled date

    – Indicate the title of the Webinar (subject)

    – Indicate the date, time, and duration

    – Indicate the email @ epfl.ch of one or more Host (Host)

    the Host must already have connected once to epfl.zoom.us

  • Host receives connection information
  • Webinar communication must be provided by the requestor and the Host. (transmission of invitations, web publication of login information and publication of records).
  • If YouTube is wanted

    – YouTube is under the responsibility of the applicant

    – Provide assistance from your local support

    – An active Gmail account

    – Via the Gmail account activate the live broadcast on YouTube, 10 days ago.

    – Privacy, precautions (broadcast options)

  • (It is possible to obtain a report from Webinar on request at [email protected] after closing)
  • Phones numbers worldwide
  • Calls with local non-premium numbers
  • Unlimited time without user fees or connection
  • Up to 300 participants per telephone meeting
  • Ability to manage incoming and outgoing calls
  • Possibility to have direct and / or free numbers


  • Access : https://epfl.zoom.us/ (Sign in Tequila)
  • Use SSO authentication
  • Make regular updates of the “Zoom Client” application on all your devices. https://epfl.zoom.us/download
  • Prefer Chrome or Firefox to use IE or Edge.
  • Prefer scheduled meetings to use your meeting room.
  • Do not publish your permanent meeting room ID.
  • Prefer local recording, Cloud records are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Before the meeting :

  • Ask yourself the right questions (to whom, what, how)
  • Define Roles (Lecturer, Replace, Chat Animator)


  • Test your audio and video
  • Prefer a wired network
  • Prepare the content you want to share before the meeting
  • Close all applications, to free up CPU usage
  • Close apps that can generate pop-ups
  • Ban laser pointers, use a digital pointer or the mouse

During the meeting:

  • Use gallery view for group meetings
  • Share your screen
  • Share specific applications to control your shares
  • Use “New Share” to transition from one content to another


  • Position your camera at eye level – experiment with the best angles to be comfortable
  • Avoid backlighting
  • Use your usual gestures and mimicry
  • Visual contact – Try to watch your camera as often as possible

Questions Management Answer:

  • Monitor hands raised
  • Questions and answers are only seen by the person who asked the question
  • Cats can be public

After the meeting:

  • Broadcast the video recording
  • Choose the right platform, SWITCHtube is strongly recommended.
  • Add a relevant title to your video
  • Add Keywords (tag) to make it easier to search
  • Monitor regularly and answer questions, if the option is active

Presentation of November 2, 2018

Note the links to the presentation can only be reached from the EPFL network or through the VPN.