Placing an order

■ Individual and personalized

To order a print job, you simply need to send your request by email to the employee in charge by attaching a Repro order form.

We also invite you to come directly to our welcome desk during opening hours.


■ Instructions

Generating a suitable file for printing
It is recommended to work in the print format, particularly for large formats such as A0 posters. This will avoid major disappointments regarding the quality of your images. If you work with the Creative Suite, please read our DTP guide before beginning your project. To ensure a successful printed result, whatever the software used, it is important to follow our instructions to export your work correctly: digital printing or poster printing (large format as from A2).
Transferring your order to Repro
Each order must be sent together with a filled-in Repro order form; this provides us with your contact and invoicing details as well as your printing instructions (format, paper type, quantity, etc.). If your printing files are too large to be attached to an email, we have a file server at your disposal.
Checking the first print run (optional)
If your print run is sizable or the print job is complex, we may ask you to validate a first proof before printing all the copies.
Picking up your copies
Once your work is completed, you will receive a notification inviting you to pick it up at our welcome desk.