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This certification recognizes that EPFL’s printing center has a neutral impact on climate and that it commits to pursue its work to reduce its impact. Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by providing support for two climate protection projects, one in Switzerland and one in Brazil.
The Swiss project enables to use the methane produced by farming activities (manure, green waste, etc.) to produce local, clean energy. The Brazilian project uses wood waste from an FSC forestry company – the storage on the ground of which would produce methane emissions – to operate an electricity plant. The latter replaces several diesel generators and contributes to supplying a town of 80 000 inhabitants with cleaner, cheaper energy in a stable manner.
In order to highlight this commitment for your future productions at the EPFL print center, we are providing you with logos certifying this responsible approach; please contact us.
This certification aims to encourage, in organizations that provide printing services, the implementation of concrete actions leading to a reduction of the activity’s impacts on the environment.