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■ EPFL business cards

Order business cards

These business cards are reserved for employees only. Besides, the order can only be placed by an accredited person (usually secretaries or people in charge).

Production lead time is at most five working days.

→ For all other business cards orders (startups, PSE / Innovation Park companies, student organizations, etc.), give your file for printing to one of the employees working at the welcome desk. If necessary, we will take care of the imposition.


■ EPFL compliment cards

Employee in charge: [email protected]

Unlike business cards, there is no online ordering; you simply need to address your request to the employee in charge, specifying the information that needs to be included, the desired quantity, and not forgetting to attach a Repro order form for invoicing.

EPFL’s official compliment card model is described in this document; please take note of its contents if this is your first order.


■ Badges for events

Employee in charge: [email protected]

We offer a range of media and finishings enabling us to produce badges that meet the specific requirements of your event (duration, content, etc.).

The EPFL shop carries lanyards with one or two snap hooks sporting the EPFL red logo on a white or anthracite strap. To purchase, please contact [email protected] or use the Sesame portal.

Sustainable development matters a great deal to us and we believe it is important to adapt the solution to the need. Therefore, for short events, choose cardstock (thick paper) over plastic and limit the use of plastic sleeves; the latter remain an appropriate solution if you wish to keep several objects together (badge, program brochure, vouchers, etc.).

Textile stickers: presented as A4-sized plates of precut stickers, 80 x 50 mm, with rounded corners. This solution is adapted for one-day events, with limited information to be included.

Uncoated paper, 300 g/m²: for a one-day event, printing on thick paper is quite sufficient. The format can be chosen freely and is usually between A7 and A6. Consider taking advantage of the back (schedule, emergency number, map, etc.). Depending on your lanyards, we will punch one or two holes to attach it.

Satin paper, 350 g/m²: same application as natural paper, with the additional option of laminating it (matte or glossy) to improve its resistance to wear and limit possibilities of counterfeiting. An appropriate solution for small access badges to an event.

Plastic, 450 g/m²: this support is ideal for events taking place over several days as it offers good mechanical strength and is weatherproof. It’s a cost-effective alternative to lamination.

Based on a design and an Excel file, we will take care of personalizing badges; structure your file in columns containing first name, name, university, etc. Be sure to limit the length of entries to maximize legibility on the badges.

To simplify the organization of your event, in partnership with Mediacom, the Repro team offers customizable badge designs for your event. Repro will take care of the adaptation, as well as generating nametags; all detailed information and prices are given in this document.

For further resources relating to the organization of an event, please check out this Mediacom page.


■ Event signposting

Employee in charge: [email protected]

In partnership with Mediacom, Repro lays out and prints the signposting for your event.

A standard signposting order contains fourteen “right” arrows and fourteen “left” arrows. They are printed in gray scale, without logo, in A3 size.

The price is 0.60 CHF per arrow, i.e. 16.80 CHF for a standard order.

Fill in a Repro order form with your contact and invoicing details; in the area “ Observation / remarque ” (i.e. comments), write the name of your event, its date and location.

Unless you request otherwise, the arrows will be sent to Mediacom, who will arrange for them to be displayed by an external supplier (paying service).

Ideally, place your signposting order with a lead time of five days to enable printing and to plan their display.


■ Course handouts

Employee in charge: [email protected]

Lecturers and professors are strongly encouraged to use the services of Repro to produce their course handouts. This enables to optimize production, regarding as much costs as print and binding quality.

Before placing your order, be sure to check with handout sales how many copies are still in stock and adjust the order quantity accordingly.

Fill in a Repro order form avwith your contact and invoicing details. If your order is intended to be sold directly through handout sales, please write “For handout sales” on the order form.

Transfer the form together with your PDF file produced following our instructions to the employee in charge. A server is available for you to upload your files on.

For security reasons, we ask you to come to verify and validate the first copy before we print your entire order.

To ensure your handouts are available when you need them, we do advise you to place your order early, as soon as your documents are finalized. Lead times are longer at the beginning of the semester, particularly in the fall (fall: one month; spring: two weeks).


■ EPFL doctoral thesis

Employee in charge: [email protected]

The final printing of the doctoral thesis is carried out by Repro on professional digital printers to guarantee a high standard of quality.

For further information on the end-of-thesis process, please refer to the EDOC Doctoral School.

→ For all other printings of reports (semester project, Master’s project, etc.), submit your request to one of the employees working at the welcome desk.

Format: the EPFL doctoral thesis is a standard that is recognizable by its format and cover layout. Although the final format is 275 x 195 mm, doctoral candidates should preferably provide an A4-size PDF. This document will be reduced proportionately to 92% in order to fit the thesis format. If you wish, you may also supply us with a PDF in the actual format, that is 275 x 195 mm.

Template: there is no compulsory template for the layout of your thesis content. However, Polydoc provide a template in LaTex that you may use and modify. If you choose to start from scratch, please use either an A4 format (recommended) or the actual format of the printed thesis. If you work with InDesign, please read our DTP guide before creating your document.

Export PDF: in order to generate a PDF that is suitable for printing, you must follow the instructions in our document. This step is essential to ensure there will be no problem with fonts or the incorporation of images.

Final check: before uploading your PDF file (exported as per our instructions) on IS-Academia, we recommand that you check its quality by printing it on a PostScript printer. Take the necessary time to proofread it one last time on paper and check that everything is correct in the printing of your figures; once your file is uploaded, no modification is possible.

Proof (ready-for-press): before printing all the ordered copies, Repro will ask you to check and validate the first copy. The aim of this step is only to ensure that no printing problem has occurred; it is too late to correct writing mistakes.

Printed copies: once your copies have been bound, you will be invited to pick them up at the welcome desk; please note our opening hours. It will be possible to pay using a debit card.