Organize an appointment or a meeting

Difference between appointments and meetings

What is the difference between an appointment and a meeting?

– An appointment is a time zone that you only book for yourself
– A meeting is an appointment you invite people to.

Steps to create a meeting

  1. Organize a meeting
  2. Add people (you can check their free/busy information)
  3. Send meeting request
  4. The request is sent by email in a particular format
  5. Your correspondent receives the appointment
  6. Your correspondent confirms if she or he will join by clicking on a button in the message
  7. You will receive your correspondents’ replies and have a tracking of who already answered.

How to organize an appointment or a meeting

Calendar Client Plateform
Outlook 2016/2019 (Windows)
Outlook 2016/2019 (Mac)
Outlook 2010/2013