Automatic or organisational Mailing Lists

The automatic lists are all generated from institutional data, essentially accreditation (for staff) and Register’s Office data (for students).

The list of these lists, their contents (list of their members) and the lists to which each belongs can be found at

Sending messages to these lists is free (just use the address indicated under on condition that you are connected to the EPFL network (if you are outside EPFL, you can satisfy this constraint by using either Webmail, a VPN connection or an authenticated SMTP connection).

Some of these lists are moderated: moderators must give their agreement before the message is sent. Moderators remain anonymous, they can possibly be contacted through [email protected] or [email protected] who acts as intermediary. The sender is notified by email that his message is moderated, he is also notified when his message is released by moderators.

  • class mailing lists:


    • apprentis (apprentices)
    • assistants
    • personnel-scientifique (scientific staff)
    • personnel-administratif-technique (administrative-technical staff)
    • secrétaires (secretaries)
    • stagiaires (trainees)
    • enseignants (teachers)
    • personnel (staff, covers all cases above)
    • To be included in these lists for a given unit, you must have an accreditation within this unit in the corresponding class (and not the function) and with the property “Presence in mailing lists of units” set to “YES”.

An accreditation within a unit means an automatic inclusion in all the lists of the higher level units (example: with an accreditation in EPFL/STI/IMX/LMM one will be included in the lists [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]).

  • rights and role mailing lists




  • corps-administratif-technique (administrative-technical-body)
  • corps-enseignant (teacher-body)
  • corps-étudiant (student-body)
  • corps-intermédiaire

These lists exist for the entire EPFL ([email protected]) and for each Faculty and Vice-Presidency (e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]). Their existence derives from a legal document ordonnance du CEPF concerning the consultation of EPFL members (cf. art. 17). They are supposed to be used only for the elections of the School Assembly and the Faculty Councils.

For other uses, please use instead of these lists, those following, respectively:

  • building mailing lists

To be included in a building list, you must have an office in the given building saved in the telephone system database.

  • geographical site mailing lists

To be included in a site list, you must have a mailing address on the given site.

  • students mailing lists
  • doctoral students mailing lists
  • post doctoral students mailing lists
  • graduated students mailing lists and “magistrales” mailing lists