Complexity rules for valid passwords

Nowadays it is very important to choose passwords that cannot be easily guessed. Please therefore observe the following rules:

  • be long enough, 10 characters minimum, but not too long : max. 54 characters
  • include at least one character from each of the lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special character sets
  • only ASCII character set : no accents or spaces!
  • not contain any information from your identity record (name, given name, birth date, username, etc…),
  • not contain words or sequence of words out of the dictionary.

Those rules are enforced when you need to chose a new password, and your proposed passwords will be rejected unless all of the above criteria are met.

Note : When changing your password, always choose a password that you have never used before, as this password is also used on Active Directory which remembers all your old passwords and prevents them from being used again.