Securing IT Hardware

The CRI provides security equipment such as locks, cables, laptop safety clips and so on. You should be able to get those at the Helpdesk.


In this regard, we remind you of certain rules:


Equipment must be secured by at least one of the following :

  • Any attachment devices such as chains or locks provided by the CRI
  • Storing the equipment in a room (or cabinet) secured by a permanent access control


To get security equipment:

In case a large number of equipment gets installed (ex: size of a room), it would be appreciated to give several weeks of notice as the CRI’s stock level isn’t always sufficient.

In case of theft, please contact 021 693 32005 by phone or [email protected] by e-mail.


The CRI provides free services and aims to secure EPFL’s IT equipment only. They include:

  • Padlock with two keys
  • Steel cable with two loops (3 meters in length)
  • Clip for laptop or flat screen
  • Square sticker replaced by a rectangular plate sticker
  • Screw cylinder

If a person claims IT material, he or she can place an order and withdraw it by contacting the Service Desk by phone (021 693 1234) or by sending an email at [email protected]