Cisco Jabber Guest

JabberGuest is a practical solution that enables external correspondents to contact you using their browser, without having to create an account. The traffic is encrypted in SSL, which ensures that your communications remain confidential.

You only need to send your link (URL) or the one of the videoconference room to the external person with whom you want to communicate in audio and/or video mode. Examples:

You can, as shown above, send this link by e-mail or add this link to your electronic signature.

Your correspondent clicks on the link, which automatically opens a window in his/her preferred browser (IE, Safari, Firefox or Chrome). Then he has to follow these steps:

Paramétrage JabberGuest

    • Iinitiate the call by clicking on Call.

You are now in communication with your contact.

  1. I have to verify that my camera, my loudspeakers and my microphone are well connected to my computer.
  2. I check the parameters of JabberGuest to select the right device.
  3. During the 1st launch of JabberGuest I well accepted the installation of the plug-in.
  4. During every use, I have to authorize the plug-in to get access to my audio and video devices.