IP Phone

The UC service provides Cisco IP phones, both personal and shared (or impersonal).


Change the type of a phone

Change the type of personal telephone from Softphone to fixed telephone assigned to the user (Cisco 8845 or Cisco 8945). Request subject to internal approval. Please make sure that a network socket is activated in the room.

Shared IP Phone

Activation of a shared telephone line with an IP deskphone assigned to the room : office, lab, wall or conference. Please ensure that a network socket is activated in the room.

The IP deskphone can be connected in series with the workstation to an active network socket (if the distance between the workstation and the phone is less than 4 m).

For a list of activated network sockets in a room, you can either contact the IT manager of your unit or ask the VPSI Service Desk at 1234.

To connect your IP phone, please look the picture below :

Connections on the IP Phone

IP deskphones should be moved like any other IT device by the user or by the proximity IT support.

The designation of the room displayed on the phone is updated automatically within 24 hours, after having moved the phone to a new room.

If you no longer use your IP deskphone, please submit a cancellation request, to also terminate the line, or the other request form. The phone can be collected.

For administrative Assistants and IT Managers:

Please inform us through the Service Desk of unused phones. Collecting them will allow the UC service to redistribute them.

  • The personal IP Phone:

    The request for a personal IP deskphone will only be approved for those who meet one of the following criteria:

    • Professors / lecturers
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Administrative staff who can not use the Jabber softphone as part of their duties

    Otherwise, the relevance of the IP phone to that of the Jabber softphone must be justified. These conditions also apply for reassignment requests for existing IP phones (personal or shared) and for requests for a deskphone in exchange of softphone accessories.

  • The impersonal IP Phone:

    Rooms shared by several employees can be equipped with shared IP phones.

  • When a person leaves EPFL, his IP deskphone is reset and becomes“Not Assigned”waiting to be collected or reassigned to another person.