Mobile Phone

For all EPFL mobile subscription and/or mobile phone requests, please use one of the forms provided for this purpose in Service Now.


Arrival & Leave

Steps for the recovering of a mobile phone number or for the changing of the operator on arrival or leave

Mobiles catalog

Catalog and prices of mobiles supplied by the EPFL


Access the various standard requests concerning the Mobile telephony

Single Number Reach

Activate this function to simultaneously receive calls from your EPFL extension on your mobile phone number

Mobile subscription

Information concerning mobile subscriptions at EPFL

Swisscom Cockpit

Access the Swisscom portal to obtain information about your mobile subscription, activate data packs, manage your call transfers and more…


For any email configuration on your smartphone, please refer to the following links:

iPhone :

Android :

Configuration parameters for an EPFL email account:

Exchange server :
Secure SSL connection : yes
Username : username
Password your email’s password
Synchronize email : yes

If the AD domain is required, it is INTRANET

You will find, at the link below, steps to follow for different configurations on your mobile phone. Just enter your model in the search bar.

Warning ! This site is external to the EPFL. The EPFL is not responsible for its content, nor for keeping it up to date.

Since the EPFL is a important telephone customer, the use of third-party SMS payments is automatically blocked by our operator under the decree of the Federal Tribunal on the law against money laundering.

“Due to a new Federal Supreme Court ruling, invoicing of third-party purchases via the Swisscom invoice is subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). This includes the invoicing of value-added services such as telephone numbers 090x, SMS / MMS Business Numbers, Easypay and NATEL® Pay, both from the mobile network (Postpaid and Prepaid) and from the fixed network. All Swiss telecommunications service providers are affected. Following this Supreme Court judgment , Swisscom is obliged to generally block the use of value-added services via Swisscom commercial landline and mobile connections for large customers from June 29, 2020. “

You can call on our service to have your phone repaired by our supplier. However, if your phone is no longer under warranty all repair costs are your responsibility.

For all warranty or repair requests, please open an incident by contacting the Service Desk. You can do so either by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 021/693 1234.

You will find at the link below, the different procedures for transferring your eSIM card from an old device to a new one:

These procedures are intended for iPhones but they also work for iPads. Likewise, the procedures on Android devices should be equivalent.

If your mobile subscription does not include communications in the country where you are, you must activate data packs (called Data Travel) from the Swisscom Cockpit for the country of stay (this determines the geographical area).

  • The login is done with the mobile number
  • Activated packs are valid for 1 year (as long as there is consumption left) and for all countries in the same area

This mainly concerns the use of data abroad, it is not necessary to activate packs to make calls or to send messages.

More information on the “Mobile subscription” page.