A Service address

For a project, a conference, a service, your IT manager (respinfo role of the accreditation) can ask for a service address (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], …) by filling in the form at: services.epfl.ch

Fill in the form in services.epfl.ch

Choose “Add a server” in the left menu, and then fill in the following fields:

  • The name of the service will correspond to the email address (example: the service named secretariat.lab will have the address [email protected]), it will also be the name of the Exchange account if this option is chosen below.
  • The label will correspond to the Display Name (name displayed when sending email, only with the “Exchange mailbox” option below)
  • The unit: as the deadline apprpoaches, the IT managers of the unit (respinfo role of the accreditation) will receive a message asking him if the service needs to be prolonged.
  • The password should contain 10 characters: capital letters, low-case letters, and numbers or special characters. It will also be the password of the Exchange mailbox if this option is chosen below.
  • The description of the service (is visible only in the services management tool)
  • Access to EPFL network: do not select this check box.
  • Camipro Card: do not select this check box.
  • Email: select the “Exchange mailbox” check box if you want an “ad hoc” or “Redirected to” Exchange mailbox and specify the address if you only need a redirection address (e.g. to an already existing personal address or even an external email address).
  • Specify the length of life (1 year maximum, renewable)

In the end, click on the OK button at the bottom of the page. The address and, if applicable, the mailbox will be created within 15 minutes (the person who filled in the form will receive a confirmation email when it is completed).

To have access rights to a service account granted to multiple people, the service account owner must create a group in the https://groups.epfl.ch application and add the people to whom he wants to delegate access rights in this group.

He must then request the delegation by sending a message to [email protected] mentioning the name of the group and the name of the service account.