Several options are available to connect to the WiFi network at EPFL. Depending on your profile, you access the Internet through a network especially designed for your needs.

I’m an EPFL member

  • The students
  • The staff
  • All persons accredited with the right ‘Intranet access

If I’m not an EPFL Member, I’m …

WiFi coverage

Consult the plan of WiFi coverage :

The WiFi network of EPFL is under the responsibility of ITOP-INFR group for the installation and operations.

To keep the security and operability criterias, no private access point can be installed at campus sites. In case of coverage lack, get in touch with the IT mamager of the faculty.

Some units should like to use a WiFi network for research projects. The EPFL WiFi network is a shared resource and an uncontrolled experimental usage is not allowed. There are some rules to follow for a coordinated usage :

  • The faculty must be informed by the research head and must agree for the usage of WiFi frequencies.
  • ITOP-INFR must be informed by filling up this form.
  • Access points must be secured in such manner that EPFL resources cannot be reached (not connected on a management VLAN).
  • Access points for reseach projects must (if possible) use the 802.11a standard, specifying 19 channel within 5 GHz frequency range.