Windows OS

The installation of print queues is done through

  • the File Explorer
    Open ‘My Computer’ (or my PC)
  • Internet Explorer (not other browsers, FireFox, Chrome, …)

Step 1

Fill the address field with the server’s name preceded by two backslash:

\\<server name> (usually, backslash is obtained pressing ‘Alt’ + ‘<‘)

typing address windows

Server names:

  • printEPFL1 : access to the students deserved pool.
  • printEPFL2 : access to the co-workers deserved pool.
  • printEPFL3 : access to the off-pool printers and plotters.
  • printEPFL4 : access to the students deserved pool (PCL queues)
  • printEPFL5 : access to the co-workers deserved pool (PCL queues)

Once you entered a network address, you will be asked to authenticate.

Step 2

Therefore use your Active Directory account: intranet\your_username and your password

Your Active Directory password is often the same as your GASPAR password.

Authentification windows
A list of all available printers and pools will be displayed.

Step 3

Double-clic on the printer/pool that you want to add (or choose “Connect” by a right-clic).

For “POOLs”

  • SecurePrint-Color : to print in Color
  • SecurePrint-BW : to print in Black & White

For direct queues on mono-function printers

  • CM103-A3-N1 for A3 for Black&White printers which is in the room CM103
  • SG0217-A3-C1 : for A3 Color printers which is in the room SG0217

(See the printers nomenclature protocol.)

list available printers windows
  • PC in the domain: the change is made automatically
  • Non-domain PC: see this article
  • PC in the domain but print queue configured in IPPS mode: see this article

1. Server name

In case of an “Operation could not be completed” message, remove “” from the server name.

-> Only \\PrintEPFL1 and not \\

2. Authentication error

If your password is rejected, it’s sometimes necessary to precede your username by the domain


3. Search domains

You computer needs to be connected to internet (by cable or wifi) and needs to have search domains in the default network configuration “” et “”.

Configuration :

  • Go to “Network and Sharing Center”
  • Choose Internet, then “Local Area Connection” | properties
  • Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)
  • Advanced…”Choose “Add these DNS suffixes”
  • In the “TCP / IP Domain Suffix” box, add “” and “”
  • Click “Add” and then “OK”
  • Restart printing

This also solves the same problem for the “SecurePrint-BW” queue

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