myPrint History

History of events

09.05.2018 : continuation of implementation with 5 color MFP (phase 5)

09.04.2018 : a new feature is available to view pending jobs on the server

19.03.2018 : setting up visitor accounts and the possibility of reloading it via PayOnLine

30.10.2017 : new PCL files are implemented for Windows users

13.09.2017 : faculty extension billing tool is online

02.06.2017 : continuation of implementation with 40 color MFP (phase 4)

11.04.2017 : first invoices sent to staff unities

14.03.2017 : continuation of implementation with 50 color MFP (phase 3)

16.01.2017 : start of the first step of cost centers implementation for staff members

02.12.2016 : continuation of implementation with 60 color MFP (phase 2)

13.09.2016: start of the first step of project myPrint2016 : installation of 25 BW and 25 color printers.

24.06.2016 : the public tender has been won by Canon

17.02.2016 : publication of a public tender on Simap

05.10.2015 : recruiting of a project manager

01.07.2015 : questioning wether the HP/Safecom equipment is compatible with our requests.

24.04.2015 : installation of 8 MFP HP at BBP (Geneva)

02.07.2014 : begin of HP/Safecom equipment testing in our premises

05.06.2014 : EPFL joins the BBL offer in order to purchase new MFP (HP)

10.12.2013 : printers have pages actually printed without introducing additional delay for accounting (JBA option instead of SNMP).

02.01.2013 : 90 and 365 days report available on page status

22.11.2013 : 2 news color printers are available for students; one is at RLC and the other in CM1941

12.11.2012 : Equitrac update

06.06.2012 : The list of responsibilities for the different MFP POOL1 is now listed in a table

15.03.2012 : IC faculty equip themselves with 10 multifunction devices integrated into POOL1, primarily for its employees.

31.12.2011 : end of the validity of the instance of online payment. The web interface ” is no longer available

21.09.2011 : it is possible to transfer money from your Camipro card to your myPrint account

14.02.2011 : there is no need to authenticate with the Camipro card to scan documents on the ‘pool1’ BW MFP anymore.

23.11.2010 : to accelerate the process of scanning on MFP, OCR (text recognition), which was configured by default has been disabled but the user can reactivate it for his personals scans.

05.07.2010 : there is no need to authenticate with the Camipro card to scan documents on the ‘pool1’ color MFP (RLC) anymore.

29.06.2010 : recharge can be made at the Agepoly’s counter (by 4 CHF increments)

01.06.2010 : the minimum amount that can be purchased has been lowered from 20,- to 10,- CHF

26.04.2010 : this site is bilingual as of today

06.04.2010 : some jobs billed by mistake twice, have been reimbursed to the owner

15.03.2010 : every 11 MFP provided in the first batch are now installed in a print pool

01.03.2010 : 7 new multifunction devices are installed in print pool

22.02.2010 : all EPFL students are now subject to the same print scheme (all prints exceeding the basic print allowance have to be paid)

21.02.2010 : all accounts except those that were charged previously by users have been reset to zero and have been given the semester allocation

23.11.2009 : approval of the new policy related to printing and copies

02.06.2009 : SV Section implements 3 printers whose 2 multifunction printers.

15.06.2009 : extension of the validity of the proceedings online payment until December 31, 2010.

14.04.2009 : contact between Equitrac and Polyright to develop integration Camipro.


16.02.2009 : SIE joined the other sections of the ENAC Faculty regarding the payment of impressions that go beyond the semi-annual allocation.

04.02.2009 : extended period statistics until 1st semester 2009-2010.

>>> Further introduction of MyPrint in faculties mode “harvest statistics. The ENAC, meanwhile, maintains the payment of the allowance impressions exceeding.

27.01.2009 : Publication of an article in the Flash Computer.

21.01.2009 : Extension of the validity of the proceedings online payment until June 30, 2009.

08.01.2009 : locating printers on the map >>> Printers managed by MyPrint are viewable on the application

19.12.2008 : charging the printing account by the web (via PayOnLine)

>>> Interface of online payment allows the students to the ENAC to recharge their printing account via credit card or card Post-Finance (test period until 24.01.2009 , extended until June 2009).

28.11.2008 : Central Library limits printing on printers to 2 pages per job

06.11.2008 : myPrint presentation at IT Forum

15.10.2008 : Following the implementation

>>> The Central Library, followed by the faculty and the STI College of Management joined the service.

15.09.2008 : start of production of the benefit >>> Sections of Architecture and Civil Engineering from the ENAC embark on the adventure by installing their forties printer for students and staff.