Promote your activities in the media

Please contact the Mediacom service in the event of a scientific publication, technology transfer or other activity to be communicated to the general public, either internally or externally to EPFL.

The Mediacom team is also at your disposal to advise you on how to work with the media, or to provide information on specific requests from journalists.

Mediacom contributes to EPFL’s influence in several ways. We publish articles directly on the EPFL homepage and work closely with journalists from all over the world who cover EPFL’s discoveries and research. We also distribute our content to the general public via social media and can advise you on this.

If your article has recently been accepted in a scientific journal, please let us know by sending us an email at [email protected]. The sooner the better, even if you do not yet have a specific publication date. Please be assured that we do not release any information to the public before the embargo. Being notified early enough gives us time to prepare all the necessary material for the press kit, which we only send in advance to trusted journalists.

For any request, please contact us at: [email protected]