Wikipedia Project

The EPFL Wikipedia Project is at your service for all requests and questions related to EPFL’s presence on Wikipedia. We offer introductory hands-on workshops and organise editathons to facilitate your contribution to the knowledge on the online encyclopedia.

Here, you will find instructions and references on how to create, edit and translate Wikipedia articles, as well as information on future events.

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Our mission

Wikipedia has become a leading source of scientific information for the Swiss population. Moreover, a recent study has shown that Wikipedia  shapes science directly: having your research described and your papers referenced on Wikipedia increases the chances that your research will be cited in the academic literature.

Our mission is to broaden the presence of EPFL on Wikipedia:

  • Motivate students, researchers and staff to contribute with their knowledge
  • Create articles on key scientific projects, principal investigators (PIs), innovations, notable alumni, facilities, success stories, etc.
  • Build a consistent and crosslinked representation of EPFL ventures

Our offers

These two-hour workshops will allow you to start editing and creating Wikipedia articles.

Collaborative editing events open to both new and experienced users. Introduction to wikipedia editing included!

Une personne, de dos, éditant une page Wikipedia

We create biographical articles on EPFL’s Principal Investigators.

Collection of ideas for new Wikipedia articles

For the Editathons we are collecting ideas for new Wikipedia articles to be written.

Please help us by suggesting new topics that are currently missing on Wikipedia and that may represent future articles, paragraphs and translations. Your suggestions will be listed on the EPFL Editathons Wikimedia homepage and may inspire Editathon participants in their science writing.

Thank you very much for providing your ideas!


Also with Wikimedia Switzerland, we will offer a Wikipedia Hackathon, addressing people working in data science related fields. This event will take place during the 3rd quarter of 2021. The Hackathon is planned to take place simultaneously on the EPFL Lausanne campus and online.


We are available for coffee, champagne and Zoom!

EPFL Wikipedia project: [email protected]
Martin Boyer: [email protected]