Wikipedia Project

The EPFL Wikipedia Project, which ran from August 2020 to July 2021, boosted EPFL’s presence on the free encyclopedia and helped share information about the School’s scientific discoveries with its Swiss audience.

© Jamani Caillet/Wikipedia


Wikipedia has become a leading source of scientific information for the Swiss population. Moreover, a recent study has shown that Wikipedia  shapes science directly: having your research described and your papers referenced on Wikipedia increases the chances that your research will be cited in the academic literature.

The goal of this project was to broaden the presence of EPFL on Wikipedia:

  • Motivate students, researchers and staff to contribute with their knowledge;
  • Create articles on key scientific projects, principal investigators (PIs), innovations, notable alumni, facilities, success stories, etc.;
  • Build a consistent and crosslinked representation of EPFL ventures.

EPFL Wikipedia Project bolsters the School’s online visibility

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Looking back at a major project for the school.