Purchasing IT Equipment

The CRI sells a limited number of used equipment.

  • Mainly old (over 5 years) Laptops and Desktops
  • On a general basis, obsolete material is recycled into spare parts.
  • The equipment for sale is only available on this web site. You need to be connected to EPFL’s network or use EPFL’s VPN to access it.

To buy an obsolete equipment:

  • Place your order on the e-shop
  • All purchases must be paid at the Service Desk counter exclusively by CAMIPRO card, credit card, debit card, twint. No cash payment is accepted.
  • Get your equipment at the service desk Local MA A0 393 following an e-mail sent as a notice

Direct sales from faculties and units

Sales documents and guidelines:

  • IS Directives
  • Sales form (pdf) this form is no longer valid
  • Sales form (doc) this form is no longer valid