Message related Security

IT security is the responsability of all EPFL IT users.

Any problem in this area, in case of reckless behaviour, can have serious consequences:

  • for yourself: an intruder could read, modify or delete your data; usurp your identity; use computer ressources to which he is not entitled, etc.
  • for others members of the School (students, colleagues) : an intruder can use your account or your computer to attack or damage their account or computer, with an impact on their studies or research.
  • for others on the Internet: for the same reasons as the previous point.
  • for the EPFL brand image: this follows from the previous points.

The wiki keeps you informed of the latest attacks against EPFL; subscribe to its RSS feed.

The web site gathers all the topics concerning security (DIODE, quarantine, anti-virus etc…).