Fast response commercial shipment with DATAMATRIX code, for simplified returns.

Illustrated explanation which will help you with your shipments in Switzerland and abroad.


Before placing an order, you need to know your barcode number ; if you do not already know it, please ask Mr. [email protected].

Once your barcode number has been obtained, you can move on to the phase described below.

Orders for barcodes labels must be made to the Print Center, using this form to be sent by email at Jade Bourret or Enver Kalimashi.

We remind you to systematically put the sender’s stamp on all your shipments to allow, if necessary, to manage returns of undelivered mail.


Sending and Receiving

I receive
I send
Internal/external and registered mail Before 10 am

Postal station

Before 3:30 pm

Postal station

Parcels Upon receipt of the withdrawal form by conventional mail

Station locker

Ask your caretaker

As a reminder, all barcodes for postal mail were changed in 2018. The new barcodes are common for each financial center at Institute level or equivalent (CF3) with a few exceptions (eg CF2 14000 IC, CF2 11200 SI, CF2 24000 CDH). The barcodes have new numbers, as well as the unit designation. They are printed on self-adhesive labels in a new unified format. If you have any old barcodes, please put them directly in the trash.

Express Mail

Mandatory opening of your account

  Contact: [email protected]

079 248 00 56

FedEx logo pc PNG | PNG Mart   Contact: [email protected]

079 418 26 77

Swiss Post -TWINT   Contact: [email protected]

021 693 50 38

  Contact: 021 869 09 09


For any questions regarding express postage, please contact Pascaline Di Maggio.

Your general contact for logistical problems of postal mail is Denis Monney.

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