Canon printers

The actual Canon machines can photocopy and scan documents. That’s why they are called “multifunction“.

Today, we only have a single model of MFP

  • iR-ADV C5860 : The 214 Canon color models, with “finishers” that allow stapling, punching, document collating, layout and “booklet” creation (folded and center stapled booklet)

Here are the type of print queue names you might encounter

  • SecurePrint-Col: allows you to print in color or black&white
  • SecurePrint-BW: will force the document to be printed in black&white

Canon printers are grouped in two printing queues, that allow to print in color or black and white.

Every printer can release documents from both queues. If you want to print a file in the black and white queue from a color printer, the document will simply loose its colors. This is the best way to avoid paying color pages while you wanted black and white.

Near each printer, an explanatory poster summarizes the functions of the device. In addition, a quick user guide in French and English is placed in a tray at the back of the color MFP printer finishers. Finally, a “Tutorial” tab visible in the side menu of the printer will complete your knowledge.

Explicative poster