Borrowing a card


This will allow you to:

  • free scanner to a USB key
  • photocopy: choose the option “Copy”
  • print from EPFL library (Rolex Learning Center) computers: send your documents to the black-white (SecurePrint-BW)
  • and color (SecurePrint-Color) pool and release them using the “SecurePrint” option
  • print a document from a USB key

Copies and prints are billed at the “visitor rate

Note that there is an alternative to borrowing a card, which consists of

Windows create a guest account



Borrow of the card

  • Go to the reception desk of the EPFL Library (RLC) and ask to borrow a guest card (BibGuest); You will be asked for a piece of ID in exchange for this card.
  • You will then be able to connect to the printers using the card that was sent to you
  • Impressions and photocopies are paid; the amount of what you print will be charged when you issue the Bibguest card

Return of the map

  • When you return the BibGuest card, the calculation of your transactions will be made and you will be asked to pay the amount corresponding to your copies and impressions; scans are free.
  • Your ID will be returned.


  • Installing myPrint printers on your personal computer is not possible.
  • The printing rates are slightly higher than those of EPFL members.


CAUTION: By following this procedure, you agree to the myPrint Terms and Conditions