Creating a Gaspar account

In order to create a Gaspar account for someone, the following conditions must be met:

  • the person is accredited within an EPFL unit (staff, guest or non EPFL status),
  • the user performing the operation must have the “Administration of Gaspar accounts” right for the relevant unit.
  1. go to
  2. login with your Gaspar username and password
  3. click on the Management tab
  4. enter the name or the sciper number of the person whose account you are creating
  5. enter your own password in the appropriate field
  6. enter a new password for the account being created
  7. confirm the password
A message confirming the creation of the account is bring displayed

You can then transmit, in a secure manner, the username and password to its owner and ask him/her to change the password upon first use. The following rules apply to new passwords:

  • be long enough, 10 characters minimum,
  • include at least one character from each of the lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special character sets. Note: Gaspar only supports the ASCII character set (no accent for example),
  • not contain any information from your identity record (name, given name, birth date, username, etc…),
  • not contain words or sequence of words out of the dictionary.