The easiest way to install directly both pools is here :

You just have to double-click on it and accept the messages of authorization.

The package does everything, you don’t have to install the drivers by yourself.

There are 2 other scripts that allow you to use the functions “stapling”, “punching 4 holes” or “double-sided short edge” directly from the computer.

Unfortunately, because they use a different driver, it is no longer possible to change print options directly on the printer just before printing. All options must be set in this case on the computer.

Here is a summary of the features:

  • For staff member
standard use need to change options on the MFP need stapling need 4 holes punch need double-sided short edge
myCanonStaff.dmg X X
myCanonStaffMac.dmg X X X

  • For students
standard use need to change options on the MFP need stapling need 4 holes punch need double-sided short edge
myCanonStudent.dmg X X
myCanonStudentMac.dmg X X X

If the automatic installation does not work, and for single-function printers, switch to manual installation.

Step 1: Finding the printer address

For Mac OS, a printer address has the following format:

smb://<printserver>/<printer name>

Here is the list of available servers :

  • printEPFL1 : access to the students deserved printing pool.
  • printEPFL2 : access to the co-workers deserved printing pool.
  • printEPFL3 : access to the off-pool printers and plotters.

Here are the names of the printing pools (respectively Color and Black/White) :

  • SecurePrint-Color
  • SecurePrint-BW

For example, the address of the color pool for a student will be :


If you need to find the name of an off-pool printer:

A) See the printers naming convention

B) Use the page search a printer

Step 2: Driver installation

  • If it has not already been done, it will be necessary to install a PPD file, or a driver, for the printer you need :

>>> Drivers installation page <<<

Step 3: Printer installation (Example with SecurePrint-Color)

    • Go to “System Preferences”

      “Printer and scanners” > click on the ‘+’ button.

mac add printer

  • Then click on the icon “Advanced settings”. This may takes a few seconds…

NB: if the icon “Advanced settings” is not displayed, use “Ctrl” + “click” on the toolbar and then choose “Customize Toolbar…”.

mac customize toolbar

    • Then you can drag and drop the “Advanced settings” icon on the toolbar.

      mac add item toolbar

Example : installation of pool smb://PrintEPFL1/SecurePrint-Color

Type : Windows (Windows printer via spool)

Device : Another Device

URL : smb://PrintEPFL1/SecurePrint-Color

Name: SecurePrintColor

Location: –

Use : Select the printer driver… (or the newly downloaded PPD file)

mac add printer

Then you will have to specify a few more settings. You can modify them at any time.

mac printer settings

Step 4: (only for Mac OS 10.7 ou 10.8): a command in the terminal to allow authentication

In order to avoid authentication problems, you may need to execute this command with the application Terminal:

lpadmin -p SecurePrintColor -o auth-info-required=username,password

Be careful !

This command must be written exactly like this, without replacing ‘username’ or ‘password’ with your own information.

Step 5- Authentication

Sometimes, after your first printing process, the job will be paused.

A dialog box will appear. You will have to give your username and your password.

If the authentication does not work, you may need to use intranet<your_username> as username.

NB: the character (backslash) is obtained by pressing alt + shift + 7.

Authentication example with Mac OS 10.10, pool smb://printEPFL1/SecurePrint-Color

mac authentification

NB: If you choose “Remember this password in my keychain\

Waiting for authentication

At the first attempt of printing, the system must ask you for your identifiers.

The window may not appear right away.

In that case,

  • Click on the hopping icon
  • Click the small box on the right (reload) of the print job queue.
  • Then you will be able to enter your username (Gaspar username and password )

NB: to avoid having to return these with each print, check the option “Keep this password in my keychain”

Connection Refused

Your Mac must include in its network configuration the default search domains “epfl.ch” and “intranet.epfl.ch“. This is due to the “smb://PrintEPFL2/SecurePrint-Color” connection URL that is not qualified with the domain.

The configuration :

  • Go to “System Preferences” | Network
  • Choose the Ethernet interface, then “Advanced
  • Choose the “DNS” tab
  • In the “Search Domains” box, add “epfl.ch” and “intranet.epfl.ch” using the “+”
  • Click “OK