e-learning on Data Protection

The data protection officer (DPO) has developed an online training course on data protection for EPFL employees (under authentication). 

One of the DPO’s main roles is to train staff on data protection. Such training will be essential for employees to understand the implications of the updated FADP and prepare for its entry into force.



Other resources

Test your knowledge by answering this Quiz on data protection . It covers the key concepts in data protection, whilst using real scenarios relevant EPFL.

The answers contain detailed explanations that you can download at the end of the Quiz.
These explanations are actually the most important part of the Quiz and we ask that you read through them carefully.

The Quiz is given on the RedCap application, in the Public Survey link mode, meaning your answers will remain anonymous.

The DPO has already held several training sessions (in person and online) for researchers, administrative staff or IT administrator. 

Contact us if you want to hold a training for your unit.


Cyberattacks are no longer headline news. Not only is the number of attacks growing significantly from year to year, but the methods used by cyberattackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And the consequences of data theft can be catastrophic.

However, threats to data security don’t come only from the outside. We must make sure that the data we process at our School are secure and that our staff have been trained on key data security concepts. An IT system vulnerability – such as an obsolete operating system, an in-house website that does not meet the latest security standards, a click on an email containing malware, or an unencrypted PC, for example – is an easy entry point for someone with malicious intent.


First steps in IT security

Here you can find a link to an educational movie and security e-learning (see EPFL Essentials)


Some general definitions about personnal data, data controller, etc.

What is important when processing personal data is to keep in mind the fundamental principles of the law.

One fundamental right of the Data Protection Laws (FADP and GDPR) is the access right.

In this section we summarize the main legal obligations in processing personal data