Validation process with ATELA

Life cycle of demands

A request on ATELA follows the following life cycle:

  1. It is created by a user or an ATELA administrator.
  2. If the application requires third party validation, the applicant must choose an approver from the list of persons entitled to approve the application (by virtue of their rights in Accred).
  3. The application is approved (if applicable)
  4. The request is executed
  5. The request is fully processed, end of cycle

Validations of requests

Only persons with the right Accred ATELA.admin and ATELA.zones can validate requests.
There is however one exception: if a person asks to be linked to your personal number, you can validate (or reject) the request yourself.

Click on the  tab. On this page, you have 4 buttons at the top of the list:

Click on them to see the corresponding requests.

Click on the tab and select Waiting for approval.
For each request, you have 2 buttons: Approve and Reject. All parameters of the request are visible. If the request if fine for you, approve it by clicking on the button.
If the request seems incorrect, click
button. A window will open where you can type the reason of the rejection. Click Save to save the change and reject the request.