Activate Strong Authentication on Smartphone

Prerequisites for this operation:

  • Un computer with a web browser and a valid Gaspar account
  • An IOS or Android smartphone with Google Authenticator installed

Note: Google Authenticator is recommended, but not imposed. Other similar applications will also work , but are not documented

On your mobile phone:

From a web browser on your computer:

  • Go to Gaspar, click on Login to authenticate yourself
  • Under Strong Authentication Status (if inactive), click on Manage
  • Click on Configure Smartphone
  • On your mobile, open Google Authenticator and Scan the QR code displayed on your Gaspar account page
Please do not scan the QR code above, but the one displayed on your Gaspar account.
  • Click Test and Activate
  • Click Login (link at the bottom of the page on the left)
  • Once logged in, if your status is not Active, refresh the page with F5
  • If you are unable to login or your status does not display Active, please contact [email protected] or your local support

Emergency codes

To complete the configuration of strong authentication, go to the page to print a list of emergency codes, so that you will have a solution in case your smartphone or authentication token fails or is lost.

Important Note: Emergency codes only work on Tequila, e.g. for access with Gaspar, IS Academia Notes and SAP. They do not work for accesses using Radius, for example for VPN or VDI.