Special paper (label, thick paper,…)

1- Place the labels in the side tray (on the right of the machine) named “manual feed”.

Be sure to lay the side to be printed on face down (as indicated by the small drawing on the tray.) The machine will ask you what type of paper you are using,

2- Swipe your Camipro card to log in

Optionally select your cost center

3- Choose Secure Print, then the job to print

Click on the “options” icon

Attention: with Macs, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to modify the options afterwards; it is necessary to specify the printing on special paper upstream, on the computer.

then specify, in the paper catalog “manual feed”.

4- Print your job normally

Printing will therefore be done from the side tray

NB: the process is the same for printing on thicker paper, etc.