PC Repair

The CRI service center offers a full range of computer repair services to the EPFL community. We pay particular attention to deliver repair services in a timely manner.

However, as diversification of brands, designs and models are growing, hardware materials are becoming increasingly incompatible.

Important information: According to the decision taken on April 1st 2004, presented in COSI on April 21st 2004 and published in the IF on June 29th 2004.

The following rules will be applied by the IRC starting on January 1st 2010.

The center’s main activity evolves around desktop repair. The latter entails tower, midi-tower, mini tower and flat box.

The CRI also supports laptop repairs. As long as the machine is under warranty, laptops are directly sent to the supplier. That is the reason why we require you to bring the invoice of the machine once you bring it for repair.

Machine maintenance

We are certified to work on the list of vendors below:

As for hardware:

Win98,  NTx, Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 : phone 1234

As for software:

Win95 & Win98 : téléphone 1234

NTx, Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 : phone 1234

As for obsolete PCs:

What are the criterias of obsolescence?

PC obsolescence refers to the state in which a product ceases to be productive. The machine is no longer compatible with current softwares, and spare pieces are made unavailable. Hence, this type equipment is no longer supported by the CRI.

If you happen to own such a machine, please return it to the CRI. They can use it to repair some specific kind of machine used in certain laboratories and which doesn’t require the latest IT model.

All obsolete material can be returned to the CRI for recycling purposes.

List of equipments that are no longer supported by the CRI:

Motherboard: < until 486 comprise Ctrl disk : MFM, RLL, IDE isa-vlb, SCSI isa-vlb

Hard drive : MFM, IDE, SCSI < 400Mb

Video control: EGA, VGA isa-vlb

Video Screen: < 17  » unit?


The warranty of IT equipment given by suppliers extends to 3 years and more. Upon the 3rd year, we suggest you to plan to get new equipments for the next year.

Equipment supported by CRI:

The CRI covers IT equipment from its acquisition up to its five first years. After the fifth year, institutes have to face financial charges of their IT system infrastructure. As explained above, it would be wiser to renew IT equipment during the third year of warranty. The CRI does not upgrade material at their costs.

Machine failure:

The repair procedure is explained below:

  1. Am i able to correct the issue by myself?
  2. Have i asked my IT manager or the Service Desk about solving my issue?
  3. I can finally contact a member from the CRI

Concerning software:

Win9x -> phone: 021 693 1234

WinNTx, Win2000, Windows 7 -> phone: 021 693 1234

Concerning hardware:

Win 9x, WinNTx, Win2000, Windows 7 -> phone: 021 693 1234

Bringing in the equipment:

Before walking in to drop off your computer equipment, please make an appointment and bring your equipment’s delivery note. There is normally a 1 to 3 day window for this type of repair. Sending the machine to its supplier adds significant time to any repair.

The hardware should be brought to the Service Desk located at MA A0 388.

Walk in hours: 8AM-6PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Equipment return:

Once the repair is finished, the client usually receives a notice by e-mail. The notice entails that he has to collect his equipment during the Helpdesk’s opening hours.