Internet access, traffic

The EPNET network is connected to Internet through our provider SWITCH.Security is assumed by the DIODE firewall.By default, EPFL computers have Internet access but are not accessible from the Internet.

EPFL has to pay a large amount to SWITCH for internet access.

This amount is calculated using a distribution key valid for all Swiss universities.

Three criteria are considered, each representing approximately one-third of the total :

  • The number of employees and students of the institution.
  • The bandwidth and the degree of redundancy of the link, a 10 Gbps redundant link for EPFL.
  • The traffic received at EPFL from the non-academic Internet.

The network traffic between EPFL and our provider SWITCH is measured to allow a further data analysis to master the costs.

This is also useful to monitor abnormal traffics due to an issue (hacking, erroneous configuration, …)