Gaspar account

People accredited at EPFL can ask for a Gaspar account or request the change of his password. If your name has changed, you can ask for an username’s update.

If you want to apply for a Gaspar account, need a new password or if you have encountered an access problem, please contact:

Note: if you are a member of an Innovation Park Compagny or you do not appear in the EPFL web directory, please send an email to [email protected] in order to receive the name of your Gaspar administrator.

Gaspar accounts are managed by the holders of the admingaspar right. This right is managed by the holders of the Administrative Officer or IT Administrator roles. Administrative managers are appointed by unit managers and IT administrators are appointed by Faculty/VP IT managers.

Only accredited persons within an EPFL unit can have a Gaspar account.

The Gaspar account is automatically removed when the person’s last accreditation expires, with the exception of students who keep it for 6 months after the end of their studies.

Anyone with a Gaspar account must comply with the Directive on the Use of EPFL Electronic Infrastructure.

The Gaspar account is strictly personal and should not be shared.