IT Hardware Recycling

The CRI is responsible for recycling unwanted IT equipment. They will be either recycled at school, sold or donated to some institution. These IT equipments include any computer, printer, screen, keyboard or cable which is to be returned to us. The CRI doesn’t recycle private equipment.

The CRI takes care of removing, from EPFL inventory, the equipments returned for recycling : Link on the VPSI’s rules

The return of unwanted IT equipment, on pallets, must go through a standard request (see procedure below).

It is not necessary to announce a return of material that fits on 1 to 2 small trolleys, in this case, apply points 2) and 3) of the procedure below.

How to proceed:

1. Complete the request for the return of unwanted IT equipment: link to the standard request

2. The equipment is to be handled to the CRI only during the following time slots:

  • Every Tuesday afternoon from 2PM to 4PM
  • Every Thursday morning from 9A to 11 AM

3. Drop off the equipment at the CRI local located at MA B0 508