Advice to create a flatshare

Flat sharing is a common sharing of an apartment. It has to be done officially, with the agreement of the owner or real estate agency. It can be done in two different ways:

  1. People living in flat sharing sign the lease all together
  2. The main renter takes one or several sub-renters, but stays the only and unique person responsible in case of litigation with the owner or the real estate agency

Warning: in any case, a rental or sub-rental lease has to be signed among the renters

  1. Prepare a full application file (see also the practical advice for apartments via real estate agencies page)
  2. Make sure the owner/the agency of the apartment allows flat sharings
  3. Agree with the owner/agency about the lease and sub-lease terms before the lease signature.
  4. Be prepared to have a Swiss guarantor in case the landlord/the agency requires one.
  5. Make a good impression during visits and when contacting people, as this can often make the difference during the allocation decisions.

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